Asking for help this Technical Help forum is quite easy... but please keep in mind the following rules:

1. Do not make topics named "I need help" or "I have a problem". When you're posting here we already know you need help. Instead, try giving a short description of your problem, like "Pentium4 / WinXP combo doesn't work for my software". That was just an example... try using your brains

2. Do not repeat yourself, or private message anyone about a technical problem unless this person tells you to do so. If no-one replies to your topic then probably no-one has a solution.

3. Give a CLEAR and FULL description of the hardware you are using whenever asking for technical assistance. Endless topics in which people have to ask you what graphics card, sound card en motherboard you've got will not be tolerated. At least mention the following hardware when posting:

+ Camera (Brand and Model)
+ Processor (type and speed)
+ Graphics card (type and memory)
+ RAM (MB's and if you know, the type of RAM)
+ Sound card (type)

+ Also make sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware, and the latest DirectX.

These simple rules are only to allow other people to help you faster and more efficiently!