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Thread: Copyright Stamp on individual images

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    Copyright Stamp on individual images

    I see alot of people add a copyright stamp and their name to their images. I personally have a msater clause in each gallery of my SmugMug site advising that all images are copyright and belong to Nicholas Navarro (me of course).

    Is it absolutely necessary to have the copyright notice on each image or is my master clause sufficient?

    If I absolutely have to add a copyright notice to each image what is the best Photoshop based method of doing so?

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    I'm putting (c) in the exif now. At least its embeded in the file. I don't really like watermarking.

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    By placing the copyright stamp across the actual image, you lessen the chances someone will want to steal it off the net.

    If a person needed a shot of say "Russell Falls, Tasmania" and they search for it, they will choose to take a copy of the non copyright stamped one over the one that is. Its not an ultimate solution, but it can go part way to protecting your photos.

    How to do it, read my post (third one down) in this thread:
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    I used to upload a small and a large photo to my website with the large one having the copyright ross morgan on it in the bottom corner. I have since decided only to put smaller thumbnails up (done this for several reasons) and if people want the larger file I can either send it electrically or print and mail for a cost.

    If I went out one day to take photos and had expenses from taking the photo (petrol etc) I would be more inclined to put a copyright notice on the photo over the one that I just snapped in the local area.

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