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Thread: Large Format Prints

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    Large Format Prints

    Hello all fellow AP members!!

    Many of you have asked on the forums about large format prints both on photo stocks and canvas. I hope this will help you.

    I would like to offer all of you the opportunity to have your images printed at large format sizes on a variety of stocks.

    I am trying to answer most of your questions here on this post before you ask them. I will be changing things here on the sticky as time goes on in order to achieve that.

    As some of you know I have a small graphics business and have the equipment to print on a variety of different stocks. For now I will stick to the preferred photographic print stock and the canvas stock of my customers. The prints will be of the highest quality printed on an Epson 8 colour Pro plotter (9880) using pigment inks. The archival quality of the prints is 75 years on both the satin paper and the canvas. Please note that this is only the case when the image is not exposed to ANY direct sunlight. BTW this information is passed on to me via my supplier and I can only advise you on this as per the advice he has given me.

    In my business the most commonly requested paper media that I stock for prints is a 240gsm satin Ilford paper also known as Piezo Photo Satin. It is my paper of choice for photographic prints and I can assure you I’ve been through a lot of them.

    The best Canvas stock I have come across so far is “Bulldog”. This is a gloss canvas that gives outstanding results. In the past I have used all sorts of canvas, I have found that the matt stocks tend to desaturate the image i.e. loss of density of colour overall especially in the darker colours and mostly in the blacks. Don’t be deterred by the word “gloss” as the finished printed result on this stock is more of a satin type photo print.

    I acknowledge I cannot compete with the Harvey Normans & Domaynes etc when it comes to small to A3 photo prints. Their buying power in the market far outweighs mine and I would go there to have my own (up to A3 size prints done). BUT…. if you want your print at your preferred size with your own cropping etc (rather than a dictated size….no compromise) with some input, feedback and help, then drop me a PM.

    All prints for AP members will be at a discounted rate and quoted prior to any work. An extra special amount of attention to detail and care will be taken (I’m sure a few members here will already vouch for that) for members here.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    The Nitty Gritty…………..

    Max Print Size 1080mm wide X 6000mm long (depending on the stock)

    Here is a price guide:

    A2 print 240gsm Ilford satin $35.00 + gst

    A1 print 240gsm Ilford satin $55.00 + gst

    A0 print 240gsm Ilford satin $65.00 + gst

    A2 print 170gsm Ilford satin $20.00 + gst

    A1 print 170gsm Ilford satin $35.00 + gst

    A0 print 170gsm Ilford satin $50.00 + gst

    For all other sizes just ask.

    Canvas prints on Bulldog gloss or matt $90.00 per sq/m
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    G'day thing. Do you still offer this service, and what are your current prices?

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