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Thread: New to me canon 1300D

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    New to me canon 1300D

    Finaly went and picked up my new to me camera yesterday and excited to start taking some pics on it soon.

    Yes its a few years old but i have had the new stuff (the 1500D i owned) and basicly babied it way to much and just never used it where this one i plan to get out alot more and take photos of places i love to go (train stations, archery, just out and about in town, get into some astrophotography again) and since i got a bike i want to do some early morning long exposures with the magnetic filters i want to grab from K&F concepts because of course living by the ocean i have to do the ocean lapping away onto sand long exposure.

    New to me camera pic since ive now rambled enough.

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    As long as you are happy with it, thats all that matters. Will look forward to seeing what you post on the Forums.

    I shoot with Olympus Cameras.. Sometimes Canon and My iPhone SE 2020

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