My PC will not open WhasApp since the update of 15/10/2021.
It is a great inconvenience to me.
I have searched the internet and got no joy. I rang my PC repair man to see if he could help but he couldn't other than ask me to bring my PC in for him to look at.
I did find a website named who seem to be aware of WhatsApp problems and sent a message to them on their Message Form yesterday but no reply so far.
I said, "I've been without WhatsApp on my PC since 15/10/2021 so pretty fed up and looked on the internet for solutions but nothing I did made it open. Then . . . . found your website saying there was an update to WhatsApp on 15/10/2021. BINGO!
I have Windows 10 version 21H2 although it says H1 somewhere else. It also shows the update for 15/10/2021 but it says version 2.2140.7 which doesn't seem to match your numbers.
Also, when I right click on the WhatsApp icon in the bottom tray and then right click on it again from the small list it gives me a bigger list with Properties on it. Left click on Properties gives a big window with options. Click on Compatibility and it offers a box to tick next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for " and there offers a long list of Windows programs which end with Windows 8. No Windows 10? Is this a problem?
Anyway, I can't open WhatsApp since this apparent update on 15/10/2021. Is there anything you can advise me to do to fix this problem please?"

Is anyone here able to help please?