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Thread: Canon lenses on Nikon Z mount

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    Canon lenses on Nikon Z mount

    As someone who now has a Nikon mirrorless I thought this was interesting although I doubt Nikon will think it's a good idea.

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    manual adaptors have been around for years. It was only time till someone worked out how to do them so that AF etc worked.
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    Nikon Z is one of the most, if not most adaptable lens mounts currently out.
    You can fit almost any lens to it due to it having the shortest backfocal/register distance.

    One of the reasons I was thinking of getting a Z myself was really only for this property(still don't like mirrorless cameras personally).
    But the ability to adapt all manner of lenses and have infinity focus(if needed) is nice.

    This is only one of a massive range of adapters out there for the Z system, most are cheaper manual only as Rick said.
    Electronically communicable adapters have been available for a while now.

    What was quite common when the Z first came to market was Sony FE/E mount to Nikon Z adapters.
    A lot of Nikon users changed to Sony mirrorless, then changed from Sony to Z, but wanted to keep Sony lenses(I'd say cost).
    So the Sony E to Nikon Z adapter was probably the most sought after around the world initially.
    I think some do electronic communication(AF and EXIF and stuff too).
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