I think Nikon are chasing their tails around in circles, must be firing and re hiring marketing 'gurus' left right and centre.

The Noct was announced at the same time as the Z(6 and 7)'s initial launch with the lens roadmap. They even had mockups made up which 'announced' the coming of the lens sometime in 2019.

So they announced the Noct today .. again!

... Nikon Noct 58mm f/0.95

If you have to ask how much .. you probably can't afford it, so re mortgage, sell kids or body parts .. and basically everything else you own ... Leica lens territory here.
Obviously for the well heeled types --- that know how to manually focus! .. easy done on a Z camera tho.

By my estimates, that makes it ballpark .... AU$11,828.60.
But I'm sure Nikon Aus will see to it that only the likes of the Packers, Rineharts, Lowy's, and Gandels of this country can (barely)afford to buy one! .. probably in the mid $20K region at least!

Anyhow .. I'm off to remove some kidneys, livers, lungs, hearts, and anything else removable