One of the worst kept secrets going around:

Nikon Z50

It's a bit ..... meh!
Interesting(for me) only in the curiosity of model(naming) lineup for the Dx models from here on.
Traditionally, the camera naming was two digits represented the mid/high level models ... eg. D70, D80, D90 .. and they stopped and switched to D7xxx(ie, from tens to thousands) for that model range.
This model range was about the best price-feature set for the interested, but not geekily interested types .. those that wanted uber features from their APS-C cameras, like ability to set manual lenses into the camera, and other geeky features.
Loved my D70s for a good long while, but the D300 was miles ahead.

So going to be interesting to see if Nikon also do a Z500(or 600, or ... they kind'a run out of numbers!)
Z500 seems to be the most obvious 'next level' Dx camera .. may have IBIS(Z50 doesn't), and lots of other tech features and whatnot.
But Z600 is going to be stupidly confusing for some .. in that as a D600 had already existed, D600 was the basest level Fx camera, which is basically what the Z6 is(at the moment).

So going to be interesting to see if Nikon widely spread out their models like they used too, but most likely not, given the collapsed market for dedicated cameras now.