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Thread: Interesting article around copyright...

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    Interesting article around copyright...

    Whilst not a photo, copyright still applies and some interesting arguments put forth here about the issues around copyright.

    I found this statement particularly oblivious to copyright law "It's quite unusual for copyright to be held by an individual and controlled by an individual rather than a government or statutory authority who, maybe for policy reasons, has other interests in mind," Ms Phillips said.

    Read the full article here and maybe we can discuss it further in this thread
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    The owner of the Copyright, Harold Thomas, was awarded sole copyright over his design, by law, and has already given various organisations permission to reproduce his design
    "Mr Thomas said it was his common law right to choose who he enters licensing agreements with" and has chosen who he trusts

    We could also ask who now owns the Ugg boots name and the global rights and who owns various music titles that were once Australian
    Any photogaph produced by a independent photographer can be reassigned, or licensed for someone else to use or just kept for themselves
    I can't see how the Government could just declare something to be a national symbol and take copyright without the owner's permission and pay compensation if requested...

    The owner must have the right to not handover copyright if they so choose....
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    Didn't have to read far to get the salient point - moaning about money-making
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