This forum is for discussing mobile phone photography.


- Mobile phone camera tech (sensors etc)
- Mobile phone Apps
- Mobile phone add-on products (clip on lenses etc)
- Any thing else mobile phone camera or photography related.

As mobile phone camera tech is advancing rapidly, to include 4k video, HDR+, super slow motion (900+ frames per second) and more, this forum is to discuss these features. There are so many Apps available in both iOS and Android for both taking photos and editing them, that these can also be discussed here.

Any phone photos for constructive critique should be placed in the relevant CC forum on Ausphotography, based on the subject genre of your photo. If your use of your mobile phone camera is paramount to the CC, we suggest a thread title like :- "Mobile" followed by the usual thread title. Eg "Mobile - Sunrise from Geelong" or "Mobile - Honey Bee on flower". Please do not post CC threads into this Mobile Phone (cameras) forum.