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Thread: Attaching Images To Posts On AP...

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    Attaching Images To Posts On AP...

    This is a guide for ATTACHING images from your computer to your posts on AP,
    presented as a series of screen shots of the steps involved and some explanation.

    To attach images you must have the "Advanced" editing pane open. This is opened
    automatically when you start a New Thread. If you wish to attach images in a post in
    an existing thread, then you must click on the "Go Advanced" button just below the text
    input pane, on the RHS. The following images should help.

    Step 1. Preparing to attach an image with the Advanced editing pane open.
    This is identified by the three rows of icons just above the input pane, as in the first image.

    Click on the "Paperclip" button or on the "Manage Attachments" button...

    Step 2. The last step opens the File Upload Manager window.
    Click on "Add Files" then click on "Browse"...

    Step 3. Navigate to the folder on your computer that contains the image.
    Click on the desired image, then click "Open" - or just double-click the image - then "Upload"...

    Step 4. The image icon will appear in the "Assets" panel, and also below that in the "Attachments" panel.
    (You can also drag previously uploaded images to the "Attachments" panel.)

    Step 5. Once the image is in the "Attachments" panel, click the "Insert Inline" button. This will generate
    an "ATTACH" code at the cursor position. (You can cut/paste this code elsewhere.)...

    Repeat the steps above for up to 5 images to be attached.

    Finally, do a "Preview Post" (button) before you press the "Submit New Thread" button.
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