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Thread: Help SOS. I have forgotten how to upload Images.

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    Cool Help SOS. I have forgotten how to upload Images.

    Help SOS. I work whit "MacBook Pro" I have forgotten how to upload Images. Help would be deeply appreciated.

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    Hi Hans. I moved your thread to General Help from Introductions.

    You can upload images direct to AP as attachments in your posts. These images then
    reside on AP.


    You can link to an image you may have stored on a hosting site such as Flickr, etc. For this you
    need the BB-code for that image and paste it into your post. The image on the Flickr site will
    then be displayed here.

    For details, look in the Library here for the first method.
    and here for the linking method.

    Have a read, and then try it out here in The Test Zone .

    Get back to us for any further help.
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    CC, Image editing OK.

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