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Thread: Clench and Grunt - Blue Angels Aerobatics team

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    Clench and Grunt - Blue Angels Aerobatics team

    That "smile" is part of a "clench & grunt" -- a technique to stave off blackout during high positive G manoeuvres. The pilots wear a "G suit" which inflates around their lower body during high G to keep blood in the upper body. The "clench & grunt" is a tensing of muscles to keep blood in the head from draining out and depriving the brain of the oxygen it needs for the pilot to remain conscious. It's explained a bit at, where it's termed "AGSM". Also see

    A different view of the Blue Angels

    Just watch the pilot's teeth and jaw and he seems to "bear down" as he goes into turns etc, quite amusing. Interestingly, I have a photo of me on a particularly vigorous roller coaster ride doing a similar thing! It looks like I'm trying to pass a brick!

    Also, in some shots you see his nose indent in as the G forces cause it to dimple.

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    Looks like he's in pain. Watching him constantly turn his head looking all around I wondered how much they actually see travelling at that speed, and how fast their reaction has to be to correct if they get too close to one another.

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