Are you thinking about entering the Head On Photo Awards comp this year?

I received an email telling me that entries are open so out of idle curiosity I had a look at the site and as I always do I read through the terms and conditions.

Here is where it gets a little hazy, there are 2 conflicting standards to adhere to when entering the comp and uploading images. I will copy and paste the mismatching standards as they appear on the terms and conditions page and FAQ page of their site.
The second sentence doesn't even make sense in English. I have contacted them for clarification and will publish any reply I receive here.

The conflicting lines of text are ----

"Saved in the native colour space produced by the device (there is no need to convert to a specific colour space)"


"The file need to the save as a .jpg or .jpeg with the long edge 2400 pixels (72dpi) saved at level 8 compression in Adobe 1998"

Best of luck with your entry if you do decide to submit one, until the entry standards are cleared up I will remain sceptical about the legitimacy of the process, it will be easy for them to discard any unwanted entries from the comp due to submission errors --------

- - - Updated - - -

Well, that was quick, email reply received here at 17:43 stating that they thank me for bringing it to their attention and that the colour space requirement has been removed this year. I cannot copy and paste the email due to their copyright and confidentiality clause attached to said email. They even asked me for the hyperlinks to the offending pages so that they can fix their own stuff ups.

Maybe they should be paying me -------