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Thread: Need help finding/choosing a point and shoot vlogging camera

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    Question Need help finding/choosing a point and shoot vlogging camera

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a good point and shoot vlogging camera similar to the Sony a6000 series or RX100 series.
    The main features it has to have is:
    Image stabilisation
    External mic input is a must (unless the on board audio is great!!!) but i'm super picky!
    Articulating/tilt screen

    The rest doesn't matter a great deal.
    I can't seem to find a camera with at least all of these features.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Every camera I've used the video mode with the onboard audio, the onboard audio has picked up the autofocus working.

    If your vlogging will always use fixed focus, that is, focus never needs to be adjusted while you're filming (AF-S on my nikon), then the onboard audio should be sufficient.

    If you need the camera to change the focus while filming (AF-C on my nikon), you may find you get focus adjustment noise with the onboard audio.

    the Nikon D5500 with a kit 18-55 lens has Image stabilisation, external mic input and an articulating screen. If you need to have it on continuous autofocus (AF-C), you will need an external mic to eliminate the focus motor noise.

    (I know it is not a point&shoot, but could be an option if you're stuck...)

    (D5600 is now out, or will be in AUS soon, it is already released in Japan I believe.)
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