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Thread: Cancer Study

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    Cancer Study

    If you are between 40 and 74yo give some thought to joining this study.......there has gotta be a cure out there for the big C
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    I would urge anyone who feels helpless at the continuing deaths from this disease to put themselves forward. There are so many different types of cancer. We recently lost our son to cancer and the ward was full of other sufferers, just about all waiting to die. And there was a waiting list to get a bed for their last days. Whilst undergoing my treatment I was amazed at the number of people being treated for varying types of cancer. The new Peter Mac hospital will be a great addition for cancer treatment and research. From young to old cancer has no exclusions. Somewhere out there is a research team who will make the breakthrough so again if you can help take the step. All the best......
    Cheers Brian.

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