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Thread: The 2016 Ausphotography Photo of the Year : Coming Soon

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    The 2016 Ausphotography Photo of the Year : Coming Soon

    Starting on the 10th January, and concluding on Australia Day, 26th January 2017

    Voting will be taking place for the Ausphotography 2016 Photo of the Year.

    Winners from all our photography competitions throughout 2016 may be eligible.
    The site moderators and I are presently compiling all the winners of every competition
    ready for the voting to begin.

    Note that any member who went inactive at any time during 2016 will be ineligible to win
    The Ausphotography 2016 Photo of the Year.

    When voting begins we will announce it to the members.

    We have to wait until the December Hostgeek Photo of the Month and Photo of the Week #549 voting is over so that
    the winners of these competition can be included in the Photo of the Year (if eligible).

    Setting up the competition voting for the Photo of the Year is a big job, in fact it is the biggest
    job we have as an admin/mod team. We have to check each competition winner thread, check the polls,
    and then copy the winning entries into the Photo of the Year competition. Once done, other mod staff
    check those imported entries against the winners threads (just to double check each one). We then
    start checking each member to verify if they have been active all year (or since they joined, if they
    joined during 2016). We then disqualify any entries that are not eligible, before voting starts.
    This is the most labour intensive work, the admin/mod team do all year.

    When voting starts, members will have a LOT of entries to go through and initially score from 1-10.
    Please take your time, and we encourage all active members to vote, and support your fellow Ausphotography
    members, in what is the pinnacle of photographs presented on Ausphotography during 2016.

    Initial round voting will be from 10th January - 20th January.

    Then a final poll will follow with the top scoring entries from the initial voting, this voting will be undertaken
    from the 20th January - 26th January.

    The winner will be announced on Australia Day Thursday 26th January 2017 at 8.00pm.
    The winner will receive $300.00 worth of gift vouchers from the Ausphotography advertisers of their choice.

    So please, join us, when voting starts on the 10th January and cast your votes.
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    We are working our way through and now have 104 entries in the Photo of the Year. Still a few to copy in.

    The mods team are now going through all the entries to confirm final eligibility (ie member has not been inactive during 2016). As we do this, we double check each and every entry.

    We are progressing well with our eyes on the 10th January for the competition opening to members for voting.

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