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Thread: what to take

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    what to take

    getting ready for another adventure next year (Chile, Argentina and Antarctica) and trying to sort out what to take re gear

    Have 5D Mk111 and a good range of L series , have just purchased a dry pack (back pack with built in dry bag) but am thinking what filters besides CPL to take and try and keep the lenses to a minimum
    thinking 24-105, 24- 70, 70 -200, 16-24 plus 2 x extender
    I want to keep it to a minimum but still have the ability to try for some good shots will definetly take my CF tripod as well

    have 50mm 1.2, 85 mm, 135mm plus 100-400 all L series

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    Sounds like an awesome trip ahead.
    I'd consider a bit of redundancy just so you're not caught out in case of equipment failures, etc.
    Did you read Brian's post in the Canon subforum about his fall in Borneo?
    If possible, I'd consider taking a second body and buy travel insurance that cover your gear considering the amount of good gear you're taking.
    Lens wise you seem to have everything covered with your trio of zooms + the convenient zoom. Any additional lens would be down to your fav FL but a fast prime would probably come in handy so maybe the 50/1.2.
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    Bob there is no perfect answer on this, but what I have done in the past is decide what the subjects are you will be photographing. As an example of what i mean - I would take a different kit with me when I am photographing cheery blossoms in Japan than if I am photographing polar bears in Arctic circle.

    It also comes down to how much you can carry with you on flights - and whether you are prepared to check it if you have to.

    If I was you in Antartica I would for a long lens for wildlife (100-400) and a wide angle for scenery (16-35). Up to you if you match them with the 24-70 or the 24-105. Both are a great lenses and it depends on which you are more comfortable with. I would match this with a 1.4x converter rather than the 2x.

    As Swifty mentioned above you must take a second body. I recently had a fall in Borneo and one body was damaged. I was able to continue my trip comfortably with the second body I had with me. The second body does not have to be the same as the first although a canon DSLR will allow you to use the same lenses (and give you a second body with lens to use quickly). You can always sell the second body when you return.

    As for filters - polarizer and maybe a variable ND to save space. I have a lee filter set but they take a while to set up and that is ok if you have the time (and the space in your luggage).

    Insurance is a must and make sure you read the policy to understand what is required for proof of ownership, depreciation and required documentation to make a claim (if ever necessary). On the ice in Antartica or a small boat you are in danger of environmental damage.

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    The first two lens you mention cover the same perspective??
    I'm not sure why you aren't figuring a way to take the 100-400 with you. Not interested in wildlife maybe??

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