Buckos, SeptembARrrrr 19t be International speak Like A Scurvy Pirate Day.

So our Photo 'o th' Week competition gunna be themed suitably.

Our competition theme be a tribute to 'tis wonderful annual event Treasure be th' theme 'n ye be winnin' th' treasure. We have 3 x External USB 3 Card readers to gift-away wit' 5 different card slots, they can read accommodate 25 different memory card types. th' winners 'o each level gunna receive one 'o th' USB card readers as their treasure.

What be happenin', Matey? Get ye entry in 'n win, if ye dare, ye scurvy wenches 'n mates ;n th' treasure could be 'urs

Or ye can swim to ye doom after walkin' on th' plank if ye be chicken t' enter. Be ye wit' us or be ye against us?