More out of other interests than photography, I have a strip of RGB LEDs and made a control box to adjust the Red Green and Blue intensity.

Again, it was more for the construction of THAT than for lighting, but it is nice.

I also had a "small" LED spotlight and attached it to one of those desk light mechanisms (like the PIXAR light) and it allows me to move/put the light where I want.

I am stuck now with the mounting end - I have a G-Clamp but the table is not suited for its use.

I am hoping to get into a bit more MACRO stuff taking pictures of models - no, not that kind! (thought I would like to) - and the extra light is handy to fill in dark spots. I have had this mentioned in a few of my past attempts.

Anyway, that's about it for me on that.

It would be nice to catch up with someone/people and give it a test drive.