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Thread: paraniona rules

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    paraniona rules

    when i was down at Dunrossil Drive taking the 'towards the light' image, i was waiting for the light when an AFP security cop drives up and approaches me
    my first response was 'am i in trouble' to which he replied, with a smile, no
    i was at least 400 metres from the gate of Government house, in fact, from where i was you could not see the gate
    the cop agreed with me that i was not doing anything illeagel, and and that since we were in a public place i was quite entitled to be there and take photographs
    it turns out one of the departing staff had called in saying someone was up the road with a camera, and therefore the security cops had to check it out
    the cop asked for my ID, which i gave him, and he said that i would probably not be bothered again. i bet they ran my details through their system big time
    like i said paraniona rules the world now
    cc and enjoy

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    We had to go to an evening reception at Government House in Sydney last year and I was quite surprised when we visited to check things out before hand. We were able to walk into the grounds, big camera and all.
    Worth a visit for the different views of the harbour plus more.

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