I am wanting a second camera body and possibly an upgrade to the performance of my current 600D. Mainly I want a second body so I won't swap lenses as often, but also my 600D is getting a bit old (only 35K shutter count though) but it has some wear and a small crack starting on the swivel out viewscreen surround near the hinge. Also, I wouldn't mind a bit better noise performance. Other than that I think I am happy with the image quality I am getting.

So, first option I considered was the latest in the cheapies, the 760D. Love the LCD on top. It has better resolution, and with the DIGIC 6 (600D is DIGIC 4 i think) it claims improved noise performance. The wireless hookup to my computer also sounds nice.

I also looked at something in the next range up, maybe a 70D or 80D. Trouble is the 70D doesn't compare well to the 760D for my uses. Looking at a comparison such as http://cameradecision.com/compare/Ca...Canon-EOS-760D I see the 70D has weather sealing, longer battery life, longer shutter life, and various other things, most of which I don't see any need for at my stage of the hobby. I am seeing the 760D as higher res, cheaper, noise figures nearly as good, and newer technology

... and the 80D (which would be wonderful), is getting just that bit more (too?) expensive.

I'd welcome any thoughts.

Anyone have a 760D?