I noticed someone here was based in Point Cook the other day on some thread I was commenting on. Sorry, I can't remember who, but I meant to give them a tip about getting some storm shots of Melbourne from down on the old homestead road at Point Cook. This is not a great photo as I only had the 60D with the 28-70 on it when went down there on the off chance I could get a bit of a lightning shot. I also didn't have the tripod in the car, so I put the camera on a fencepost. I got this shot instead, and it has been sharpened a lot because I wasn't particularly paying attention to what I was doing at the time. More interested in getting home and shutting some windows. I post it though, because if you live there, it is a great place to get some cityscapes in the evening and when there are thunderstorms over the city. Anyway, if you get some, post them. It will bring back some memories of my time in Point Cook.


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Maybe use a 70-200 on a tripod....lol.