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Thread: 'Save As' vs 'Save For Web'

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    'Save As' vs 'Save For Web'

    I was working on a RAW file in Photoshop CC and did some minor adjustments using Curves and Gradient Map layers.

    I saved a file in PNG format to my desktop and noticed that the colours were unlike those I was seeing while in Photoshop.

    I then saved another copy as PNG but this time using the 'Save For Web' option and the photo looked like what I had been seeing in Photoshop.

    Does anyone know why this difference is being caused?

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    In your PNG settings you are using a different color profile from the default sRGB profile in Save for web.

    You use "File - Save as..." to save a PNG (among many other formats). Look down the dialog box for something like
    "Color... ICC Profile" and a tick box.
    See what profile it's using.

    If your camera uses, say, sRGB, and Photoshop's Save as is different, then set your "other" profile OFF - untick the box.

    There's more to setting up color profiles in Pshop, but this will do, as it depends on what your monitor uses and...

    >Oh, I should have said: you can change Save for Web settings in later versions, such as your CC version.<
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    Great answer Am. Colour profiles and Colour matching are a huge area of photography and printing in general. As Am says chances are you are saving in something other than sRGB colour profile.

    If, as a beginner, there was not enough for you to learn about photography! There is way more than meets the eye. If you want some basics on colourspaces click HERE
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