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Thread: Which batteries to get for an external flash?

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    I have for sometime used the eneloop pro 2450 mAh batteries in my speedlights. They recycle pretty well and have a pretty good run time. There are two things I am very mindful of with rechargeables. The first is to have a really good charger that can assess the batteries and intelligently work out how the batteries show be charged on a battery by battery case. Having good batteries that also coast a bit will soon be killed off well inside the life expectancy is just using a $20 no name brand that just whacks the battery at full charge and continues to charge even when fully loaded.
    The second thing is I rarely use High speed sync unless absolutley needed as this hits the batteries and recycle time pretty hard.

    Just a word of warning - I used to carry a pack of energizers in my bag in case I got caught out with the rechargeable - I was a second shooter at a wedding and hammered the flash for a bit, eneloops where dead so I used the energisers. When I felt the flash on the side it was quite warm so opened the battery case. Batteries were so hot I could hardly hold them, never had that with the eneloops. Hence I have bought 3 x the batteries I need to carry in the kit now ;-)
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    Yeah, got the eneloops, and they work a dream. I've only charged them once and the flash recycle time is still excellent!

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    Just wanted to update and say the Eneloops have typically been the leaders but recent test have shown the Powerex/Imedion are matching the Eneloop performance and they are a little cheaper so it's no longer the case that Eneloop are the only choice. I think you can't go wrong with either. I tend to wait until Eneloops are on special, you can pick them up for under $20 for 8 if you wait around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bercy View Post
    Bought some no name Lithium rechargables from the internet.

    As for nor recommended in flashes - can't see why not - never had any problems with them.
    I'm assuming that the last comment is related to the lithiums in the flash?

    If so, it's probably related to the heat buildup they create when worked hard.

    I tried my AA lithiums(Trustfire branded) in my SB800 and set about to test their ability and durability.
    in a word .. awesome! All four of them were good, charged perfectly in the new charger I also got.

    The Powerex NiMH batterys(5 of them) died after a few minutes of contstant heavy use. Flashing and modelling light torture testing.
    The Lithiums just kept going, and I got tired of holding down the modelling light button after a few minutes. They just keep on going.
    BUT!! They did get warm.
    I can't imagine that anyone would use a flash like that.
    That is holding the modelling light or just flashing it like a lunatic for no good reason for longer continuous periods other than to torture test them.
    So I can't see that they'd heat up to a dangerous level in normal use.

    My last post above was about 6 months ago, and they've been sitting idle in the flash since.
    Just did a quick 30sec modelling light test, and they still have plenty of juice left in them.

    The only problem with lithium batteries is that they need a lithium charger to go with them if you don't have one.
    The beauty is that those chargers should be able to also charge most other types of batteries too(NiCd, NiMH, etc)
    Best thing I did was to stop using that Powerex MAHA charger, which indicated perfectly good NiMH batteries as dead ones.
    The new charger just charges them up without issue.
    It does eventually show some of my very old NiMH batteries are dying or dead, so I'm slowly going through them, and will eventually replace all my old NiMH batteries with lithiums(where possible).

    not all devices have the ability to use lithiums.

    ps. if anyone is in the market for a good charger to do everything, I can highly recommend the Vapcell. I have the X4(4 slot) but they also have an X2(2 slot I think).
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