Hi guys,

I've just titled this thread "Capture NX-D Questions" as I will use it as I continue to use the program and can't find help in the online manual.

My current question is in relation to the auto-distortion option. For some reason, I can't enable the selection. It's a light grey colour whereas controls I can select and adjust are white.

Any ideas as to why?

Oh, one other question. When I go to save in my directories, it says I don't have permission to save in this location and to contact the administrator to obtain permission. It will allow me to save to the desktop, but this means I then have to manually move them to the directory I want. BTW, my Windows 10 user account also has Administrator rights.

No other software, photographic or otherwise) that requires saving files (eg Excel, Paint.NET, etc) have any issues saving to any of my directories under "My Documents" so what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.