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Thread: Attempted logins

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    Attempted logins

    Hi all.

    I have been getting reports of members being emailed by the site cause they have tried to login several times and not been successful. Each time it happens, the member themselves has not been trying to login. Tracing these login attempts via IP, they appear to becoming from Eastern Europe.

    It seems that cause we have really good anti-spam measures installed on the site software, where we block upward of 50-100 attempted spam registrations an hour, that the spammers are now trying a new trick. Using member accounts to try and get in, with password guessing. Once they try to guess a password 5 times, it locks their IP out, and the site emails the address attached to the account to advise them of the attempted logins.

    So if you get an email about attempted logins and passwords being incorrect, it is most likely an Eastern European spammer trying to gain access to the site by guessing an existing member's password.

    As long as you have a good strong password, the chances of them guessing it are very very very slim. But if your password is..password.. or .. abcde, or your password is the same as your username, then you risk spammers accessing your account.
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    This is another reason why it is not a good idea to have the same password for multiple sites. If a spammer guesses your password on one site, if all your online accounts have the same password, then the spammer then has access to all your sites... and they will try the username/password they have guessed on one site on lots of different sites to see if you have an account with the same password elsewhere.

    products like keepass can help you to keep up with different passwords per site... and can generate random strings for your passwords. Keepass stores passwords in an encrypted database that you manage locally. Can be tricky (but not impossible) to make that keepass database accessible on multiple devices though...
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    Attempted logins

    Yes as above^^. I say this to many friends. I even have friends that use simple passwords across multiple sites, including banking :-0!
    Once someone gets a user name and password they will often find as many sites as possible that this works for. As well as use info gleaned to determine your other user names. Before you know it you can be frantically chasing them around the Internet as they gain access to and lock you out of apple, FB, banking ......
    Also, don't think you're not a target. Whilst Ricks warning may relate to simple attempts at hacking, more sophisticated hackers just set computers running on automated attacks to see what comes up. PITA though it is, the best defence is random 8-10 digit passwords unique to each site and a password manager.
    Oh, and 2 factor authentication FTW. Use this wherever possible.
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    --And did you know... We have a Password Generator right here on AP

    --Oh, and it's under AP Extras.
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