I have a Nikon D750 camera and an Android smartphone and I am looking for an app to use a remote control for the camera. I'd like a live view on the camera, the ability to set the focus point, and the ability to adjust aperture, focal length, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, etc. Downloading images to the phone is nice but not a priority.

I tried the official Nikon WMU app ... useless since it only has a shutter button, basically.

I looked at the dslrdashboard app .. it seems to have the required functionality but the app is $12.10 to install and there are reports that it does not play nicely with the D750. I installed an earlier version of dslrdashboard (from the days when it was free) but did not have much joy getting a liveview, or staying connected. These issues may be fixed in the latest release but I'm not gunna pay $12.10 to find out if that's really the case.

I was hoping someone here could make a recommendation?