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Thread: Photography College University

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    Photography College University

    So after my tafe course im thinking of doing a full on course/university degree (Iv done uni in Psychology, business and Ancient history over 3 years but due to my illness have not been able to finish, I think im at a more mature age now im ready to take it on part time and ive always wanted to do uni). I was wondering if you could steer me towards the most reputable school. The ones I have found so far are

    University of NSW - College of Fine Arts (My sister is doing Science at UNSW and my husband did all his study and Phd there)
    University of Sydney
    Raffles School of Design and Commerce
    CATC Design School

    I dont have to worry about UAI's or ATAR's as im a Mature age student.

    I hope this post is allowed

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    What do you think a degree is going to give you? What are you going to use that degree for?
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