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Thread: 'New' old toy - Nikkor 50-300 AIS 4.5 last version

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    'New' old toy - Nikkor 50-300 AIS 4.5 last version

    After reading about these here and elsewhere, and a recommendation fro AP member Sar. i managed to find one of these in nearly unused condition from Japan on ebay. I need occasional length, and given I usually am a tripod person this seemed like good bang for the buck.

    I took it out to Point Lonsdale tonight for a test, and though the wind was a factor in many shots from 250 metres it held up pretty wello a medium weight Gitzo Safari tripod with heavy FLM 58mm ball head.
    The lens is quite heavy but balances well on my setup.

    The image here was at around 135mm I think from memory, but having no CPU chip its hard to keep records. I added only my standard processing sharpening in LR. here full frame and one at 100% crop. Probably not good enough for hardcore birders but for my landscapes I think I will be happy with this. Taken with my D800E. ISO 50 1/13 sec @ f/11.

    edit I found an ealier shot at 1/30 sec, a little better.
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