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Thread: E-M1 - firmware update to v.4.1

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    E-M1 - firmware update to v.4.1

    Gidday fellow E-M1 and E-M5 users.

    There are f/w updates available for both cameras as of last night. E-M1 is v.4.1, not sure about the E-M5, IIRC it's v.2.2.

    I updated my EM-1 and that of my mate who lives about 1 km away around the corner this morning. also updated his f/1.8 45 and my 14-42 EZ pancake zoom.

    All went well with both updates. While I was having zero problems with v.4.0, he was having some odd problems with his IBIS and odd exposures with his 45 mm lens. The update fixed both his problems, and didn't do mine any harm ... .
    Regards, john


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    Thanks John! I had done the EM5 the day before actually but I didn't know about the 45 All done now, thanks!

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