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Thread: Olympus FL600R

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    Olympus FL600R

    Looking for a compact flash for an EM1 & have short listed the Olympus FL600r or the Nissin i40. Any one have any experience with either?

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    Seen Compact flash and though you were writing about Memory Cards
    I have the Olympus FL600r External Flash, had it almost as long as I have had the E-M1 two years in January.
    Works well for me, sits on the hot shoe most of the time I dont use it off camera and have taken many thousands of macro photos using it.

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    I have the Nissin i40 and it is a good performer and excellent value for money. I got it ultra-cheap. Cannot remember the price but one of the Australian online retailers had it for little more than half-price plus shipping.

    It isn't perfect. I worry about the strength of the rotating hinge mechanism but it hasn't been an issue and the battery lid is a little fiddly with its complex hinge.

    Performance is good, nice and compact, comes with a very well designed case.

    If you are after a very compact 4-battery flash with sufficient power for general use and ultra simple controls - hard to beat.


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