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Thread: It's only going to get worse .... (news reportage)

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    It's only going to get worse .... (news reportage)

    Kind'a following on from the SOOC-honesty thread:

    I quickly clicked onto petapixel and found an article on there about a case of mistaken identity.

    My thought immediately turned to anger(for the so called reporter and media outlet) and then pity(for the poor woman depicted in the image).

    Obviously this debacle is a consequence of news companies urgent race to the bottom, in a feverish effort to monetize viralism in news articles.
    No thought as to accuracy, quality or consequence tho .. just get the news out there to be first with the latest viral article!

    It's not only sickening, that they just publish any crap they feel is supposedly news .. but it's a massive turn off in reading the news nowadays.
    FWIW: I totally abstain from reading any (every) online news articles simply because there's a 99.9% probability that it'll be a load of B$ ... $$$$$$(repeating).
    It's only about click-money hence the $'s

    My thoughts are that such news reporters should be blackbanned once a news item is revealed to be what this one turns out to be.
    No second chances, no ifs or buts.
    If the reporter can't do proper due diligence, or can't be bothered to do so .. then one srtike and you're out!
    If the news agency can't or won't chastise those infantile ignoramuses, then people should blacklist those news sites.

    If we don't take a stance against this low quality reportage .. like the title says ... it's only going to get worse!
    And considering how low the current standards are, the mind boggles as to how bad that future is looking!

    .. now where's my shovel. :hermit living in a hole in the ground icon:
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    Here's another link that is similar, but different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurking83 View Post

    It's not only sickening, that they just publish any crap they feel is supposedly news .. but it's a massive turn off in reading the news nowadays.
    For you and me maybe, but surely they do it because they have an audience that wants it? (more sickening)
    I also feel for the lady that is still alive. I hope she hires good lawyers.

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