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Thread: Colour Space and Competitions - why sRBG is essential

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    Colour Space and Competitions - why sRBG is essential

    The competition system advises
    Please ensure your JPEG image uses the sRGB colour space as all metadata will be stripped from entries


    If (for example) you use the Adobe RGB Colour Space (which has a larger gamut; i.e. range of colours that can be displayed) and you upload that image into the competition system the following happens...
    1. You see the image on your system in accurate colour as the image tells the browser that it is aRGB
    2. The competition system strips the EXIF data which includes the colour space information
    3. When the image displays from the competition system the browser now defaults to sRGB as it does not know what else to do - the image now looks different - usually less vibrant

    So always publish using sRGB for the competition system
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    I would also recommend (for those that can budget for one), getting a hardware monitor calibration device. These devices work by resetting your monitor to a known standard. So the premise is that if three people all have hardware calibrated monitors, those three people should see the same image in the same way. Same colours, same brightness, same contrast, same kelvin, etc. Within limits: Changes to brightness in the room where the screen is, changes to light source types in that room (sunlight during the day vs LED at night), these things all affect ulitmately the accuracy of colour, brightness rendition etc. But at least with a calibrated monitor you are are getting the best accuracy you can.

    A hardware calibration device also means if you are putting photos up for critique, that you are starting with a known standard.

    If you do not have one and your monitor is to bright, or the colours are to punchy, then when you edit on that monitor, what you see and what someone else sees is an unknown quality.

    For more info: check our Colour Management forum

    If you cannot budget for one, this is the best alternative out there : (click the link in the first post).
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