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Thread: Stting up a VPN

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    Stting up a VPN

    I am interested in setting up a network
    Where basically its for me only with a website to promote myself
    I have Win 7 Ultimate where I have seen a setup to a VPN
    Is this workable or is there better


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    Not entirely sure I understand what you're after, but perhaps somewhere like zenfolio have prepackaged solutions that might suit

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    A VPN? Or a hosting service?
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    A VPN is a way of making a closed network, for example your home computers, available over the internet. Such that those that know the network information (incl password) can access your home network over the net. As the name suggest is it a virtual private network. The internet is an open network, places like banks have a private network, and a VPN is a virtual version of that. It is just a way of creating a computer network without having all the gear of a complete private network. It doesn't do anything other than link computers to computers.

    As Kym questions, VPN or hosting? Hosting is having a space on a server where you have files (usually these files are a website), and people access it, by typing in the web address. Basically how you get to AP. But hosting can be a range of things, even just folders and files, where these folders can be setup with passwords and then files can have permission levels like read only, read and write, delete etc. So particular people can access them, but say cannot delete them or edit them, unless their permission levels allow.

    Some of the benefits of hosting over VPN. Hosting services are generally very reliable, with minimal downtime, automatic backups, support. etc. So people you have accessing the information you are using to promote yourself, is available fairly much all the time. With a VPN, the computer you have setup the VPN on, must be on and running for the network to be available. So if you set it up on your laptop, that laptop has to be on, running and connected to the net for the VPN to be working. Power outages, computer freezing, being turned off, internet outages at home etc all will disconnect the VPN.

    So a VPN just makes your computer(s) accessible on the net. A hosting service lets you put files on their servers to either display a website (common use of a hosting service) or make your files available for others etc.
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    The other thing you can do, is kind'a similar to both .. hosting and VPN(but it's not a true VPN).

    What I have is a router that allows you to set up a server address on the internet that you can access.
    I use FTP, as Optus doesn't allow HTTP serving from residential services.
    All I do is use an ftp program either on my smartphone(many free available) and or any computer(again a few free FTP software available such as FileZilla that I use).

    Basically, all I want/need is a way to access a store of files I have on my home network.

    The router must have the ability to forward the service you need(in my case FTP). Many good modern routers do this .. it's rare not to have this service feature available in a router nowadays.
    In fact many have VPN features already built in .. so check you router model, or post it and someone may be able to help you.

    So, as I said before.. on the router I have a USB HDD connected that serves files. On this HDD, I have many(but not all) images, or files I use daily .. or whatever.
    I connect to the internet address that is my home IP via (mainly) my phone and can see all those files and transfer them as needed. For that I use File ES Explorer(Android).
    Otherwise, if I'm using my Windows tablet, I use Filezilla and do the same.

    I'm generally suspicious about setting up a VPN and having my computer(s) on, just so that I can access some files on it, for security reasons!
    I prefer having a system where I know the files I generally want access too, keep them somewhere 'sandboxed' from possible unauthorised access .. but if some bored teen does get to them .. I don't really care that they delete them, or stuff them in any way as they are mule files with the originals still safe on a computer that can't be hacked into(as it's not on to be hacked)!

    So not really understanding the original question, as it's a bit contrary ... if you want access to your stuff you could look into that if it's available on your hardware.(ie. the VPN part of the question).

    But the (contrary) part of the question .. ie. to promote yourself! .. is not going to work if you set up a VPN. VPN system has already been described.

    Rick and Kym's comments are the more likely solution re the hosting service.
    Alternatively, and as I said already too .. some routers do allow HTTP server features, which is what a hosting service is. But you need to find out if your internet provider allows HTTP serving from your place.(ie. is it a business, or a private house).
    You could then set up a dedicated computer as the server .. you wouldn't use your main or personal computer for that! .. and your website(that you're trying to promote yourself with) is right there at your place for you to do whatever you want with!
    I couldn't even give you a lost of internet providers that DO allow HTTP serving from your home, only to say that most don't allow it.
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