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Thread: SONY - What's this? - A Post You'd Usually Get From AK...

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    SONY - What's this? - A Post You'd Usually Get From AK...

    - to Arthur King for beating you to it...

    - for SOUNDING LIKE I'm complaining about a camera (which I'm not).

    Now I was wandering aimlessly around DPR when the following terrible-looking heading got my attention...

    "The Raw and the cooked: pulling apart Sony's Raw compression"

    ?Un/happy reading
    CC, Image editing OK.

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    Yeah .. you may not have actually beat me too it Am(sorry).

    Not too long ago, someone posted about an issue with their D7100 being a bit slow when it comes to fast frame rate shooting.
    One of the recommendations I made was to lower bit depth of the raw file types they were using(ie. from 14 bit in camera to 12 bit) to see if that helped any way.

    I'm sure I linked to that article as a reference to how lower bit rate capture can affect total image quality in some instances.

    I may have not actually linked to that particular article tho(can't remember now .. brain is all mushy!) .. but the main article is the hyperlink to Iliah Borg's Rawdigger article on the topic. I think I linked directly to that one instead.
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    It looks like the focus on this issue has caused Sony to offer an "uncompressed" RAW mode on the new A7SII and "additional cameras starting with the A7RII" via firmware updates.

    There is much debate about whether this will be:
    - uncompressed vs lossless compressed
    - cooked or uncooked (via tone curves etc)
    - supported on older cameras A7II, original A7 series, A mount ...


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