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Thread: Ausphotography Facebook page

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    Ausphotography Facebook page

    For info,

    Ausphotography has its own facebook page: HERE

    Whilst we do not use the page for posting member photos, doing critiques etc, we do however use it to promote our competitions and advise of site outages etc. The page is publicly visible so you do not need to have a facebook account to view it.

    So even if you are not a fan of using facebook, it could be worth bookmarking our page. If you visit Ausphotography and the site is down, you can check our facebook page to see if we have a planned outage happening, or if there is a technical issue causing access problems etc. Basically it will give you and us a way of communicating if Ausphotography is unavailable, for any reason.

    This post is for advice only, members can choose to ignore it, bookmark it, or even 'like' our facebook page.
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    Ta for the reminder. I've used it a few times when the site was down. It sits permanently on the bookmarks ribbon
    of all the browsers I use.

    - - - Updated - - -

    PS, but I have never "liked" it
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