Ok you crazy kids, Ive got a challenge for you. Im heading to Vietnam mid next year for another boys trip, this time a couple of mates and I will spend 16 days riding motorbikes through Vietnams northern region of Sapa. On these previous trips Ive taken my Olympus wide zoom c-1060 which has been OK because it has a fair degree of manual functionality and takes a RAW image as well as video. Since my last trip a few years back Ive been getting into my photography and would dearly love to take the D610 with a host of lenses but the circumstances just don't fit.

I just flicked through a photo mag and came across a few waterproof cameras and thought maybe its time to up date the Olympus, get some thing thats waterproof, has a better sensor however still gives me the RAW imagery, video and manual functionality. Smaller and lighter would also be good.

Obvious theres always a lot of marketing of camera's so I thought I would kick the question to you, the collective brains trust. Oh and I probably am willing to spend between $300-600. So if you have something you think fits the bill please drop me a line and if possible a couple of images.

Thankyou in advance.