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Thread: What size and type of file do Aussies use on Adobe Premier Elements?

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    What size and type of file do Aussies use on Adobe Premier Elements?

    What do you people use when selecting what format to save your videos in? In Publish and Share I've been saving 'to the computer,' and going for the highest quality which is OK for watching on my computer, but for sharing what is best to use in Australia? I tried a smaller file size but the quality was too awful. I've never saved 'for web pages', but as the video, an instructional one on horsemastership for the local RDA group, is likely to go to YouTube I'm also wondering what I should be selecting. Do I go to Social Websites, or save it first somewhere else on the computer as something else?. It got so hard I have just pretty much abandoned my other projects, but I'll be starting on this one in a few days.

    Say, also, that I want to put a short video on a Dropbox for friends to pick up - what is the best size/format to go to? I look at the choice and feel very silly. I don't really speak the language. Sorry if I haven't even asked the question right !

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    In Adobe Premier Pro, there is a dropdown list of formats to choose from. I normally use H264 for Youtube. I save the exported video to my hard drive first, then upload it later to Youtube, Vimeo.

    Here are the guidelines for what Vimeo wants.

    These are the detailed settings for youTube. I use the same settings for youTube as I use for Vimeo.

    For dropbox I'd use the same quality as for Youtube, but the format you provide will depend on what most people downloading the video commonly use.

    A video forum may be able to give you more detailed help.

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