Hi Folks.

Recently I posted some threads with images linked from a hosting site. I have been doing this for some years and it
has been successful. The site is Microsoft's OneDrive (previously SkyDrive).

For my last four posts the images have been DISAPPEARING. I lambasted myself amply about it, only to soon realise
that it was NOT my fault. Since then I have been trying various options available in OneDrive to make the images stick.
NONE has been to any avail!! I even wrote to MS, but got no reply yet (after 2 days).

Today I went onto a help forum and LO and BEHOLD, there's a lament by several users exactly like mine. After 53 replies
there was no solution, only an undertaking to "escalate" the now established problem. For good measure, I added myself to
that thread and bookmarked it securely.

Well, now it's "wait and see". It's entirely in OneDrive's hands. MEANWHILE, I WILL NOT link to any more pictures from there,
as there is simply no way to make the link last - typically some hours, though yesterday a whole day.

It's only left for me to apologise for afflicting you with useless threads, though some people have managed to see the pics
and have kindly commented on them. Ta generally.

The affected threads are listed below...

Ta, Am.