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Thread: Reporting posts/threads/competition entries on Ausphotography

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    Reporting posts/threads/competition entries on Ausphotography

    Hi everyone,

    The mods and I have been having a discussion about members sending us personal messages regarding threads/posts/comp entries.

    The issue as we see it, is that if the moderator they send the message to is not online, then timely action of the report will/might be delayed. Especially if the message is sent to a moderator who has gone away for a weekend, week, month. Although we (the mod team) try to keep an eye on what is happening across Ausphotography, we cannot look at every post, and sometimes we do not see something that needs attention.

    There is an option/feature on the site that should be used my members to report anything that you feel needs our attention. From helping fix an error in a thread title, a competition entry that has a watermark, or even a heated discussion between members. The mod team is here to help, but we cannot do so if we do not realise there is an issue to begin with.

    So rather than using the personal message system (unless you do want to talk to a specific moderator about something), please use the report option. On every post to the site, and every competition entry is a report icon.

    The report icon looks like this :

    (just a lot smaller on the site)

    When you click that icon you get a report screen:

    complete the report fields with information you want to provide us, and submit.

    When you use the report icon, the post/thread/photo you are reporting is automatically included in the information provided to the mod team. As soon as you hit submit a thread about the report is created in the Admin forum on Ausphotography and moderators are sent an email telling them of your report. So even if no-one is online, as soon as one of us gets the email we can login and investigate, and take action in a more timely manner. By using the report icon you can be assured we will get onto looking into you report as soon as possible. Certainly more effective and efficient than sending a personal message to a single moderator who may not be online for some time.

    If you want to talk to a particular moderator, pleas feel free to continue to use the personal message system, but if you want something looked at reasonable speedily, please use the report icon.
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    Good idea, Rick. It should help streamline things that need attention.
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