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Thread: The Pentax 645z Is the Best Still Camera I’ve Ever Used

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    The Pentax 645z Is the Best Still Camera I’ve Ever Used

    I do not make statements like the one found in the title of this article lightly. I only came to this conclusion after shooting with the Pentax for the past three months, in various conditions and locations around California, weighing the opinions of photographers I greatly respect. It wasn’t a revelation that came suddenly, but a feeling that developed slowly over time. The Pentax went from being a big, bulky camera, to a wonderful tool, to something I loved. When it came time to box up the Pentax 645z and return it to it’s home at Ricoh, it felt like saying goodbye to a dear friend. A friend that, without him in my day to day life, things suddenly feel somewhat… lacking.
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    This camera is very high on my wish list. simply a stunning instrument, and a game changer at the price point. I keep wondering if I sold off all my surplus k mount gear, could i stretch to this plus a couple of lenses....???

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