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Thread: Acrylic Printing/Mounting - any advice/experience

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    Acrylic Printing/Mounting - any advice/experience

    I have been thinking about getting some photos printed and mounted on acrylic/perspex.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience, tip, tricks, or pitfalls etc.
    Also any recommendation on companies doing this.

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    We have had several mounted on acrylic and they give a very pleasing result for some prints.

    Have a close look at the mounting system used by different suppliers, some use bolt through mounts, others use a frame attached to the back and others use a "glued on" hanger. The bolt through and attached frames are the best way to go.

    The majour pitfall is that the acrylic surface is more prone to scratching than a good glass cover.

    Have a look at sizes and pricing through RGB Digital in Brisvegas and see whether their sizing and prices suit your needs.

    There is another company up there who do an excellent aluminium frame / mount for acrylics but their name escapes me. I saw their products at the PMA show in Melb a year or 2 ago and they offered large sizes and an excellent product.
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