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Thread: Swans with new lens :)

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    Swans with new lens :)

    I have just acquired a new lens and of course wanted to try it out. So, sulky iggie by my side (it was cold), I went to a local lake that has plenty of birds. I found a family of swans standing on the lawns - Mum, Dad and their cygnets. My, these birds are large and tall! Unfortunately they were in shadow, not ideal, and I wasn't about to ask them to move


    baby swan2.jpg

    For a first go with this lens and considering the lighting I'm not displeased with these. The bokeh on the second is a bit yucky, probably my fault, I didn't think too hard on my settings. However, they required minimal sharpening, which is good for the V1. The lens is the new 1 Nikkor 70-300mm CX mount. This means I get 300mm with full auto focus and tracking capability in a light weight piece of kit. So I'm hopeful that this poor photographer will get some good BIF images - well, anything in flight actually lol, cheers Deb

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    Pity to waste them in NFC, Mathy. At least shift them to gear talk?? No?

    - - - Updated - - -

    More relevant if you don't want critique on the pics.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Will shift...

    Moved to Product Review - Lenses, as this is a report on its performance.

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    CC, Image editing OK.

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