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Thread: Confused about posting images

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    Confused about posting images

    I read the Ausphotography tutorial on how to use Ausphotography - as a refresher.

    Is it preferred that images are stored elsewhere and then linked to this site?

    If I do this, does the image display?

    Just confused as it seems that there are plenty of images that appear to be directly posted to the forum, but I want to do the right thing, cheers Deb

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    Up to you Deb. If you post them directly to AP, you cannot link them to other sites you are a member of. But if you upload them to say photobucket or flickr, most forums accept their links to allow display of the images directly in your thread.

    We don't really care either way, it is just something we offer. Some people like to use PB or Flickr (or similar) so that they can upload once and share across multiple sites/forums from the one upload. It also means if they want to remove the image into the future for some reason, they just have to delete it once, from PB or Flickr, and it disappears from all the places it is displayed (shared with) on the net.

    But at the same time, if you want to upload it direct to AP and have it stored on our server, feel free. There are no restrictions on how many photos you upload to AP directly, or how much space (KB/MB) they all take up.

    Some stats on the photos stored on Ausphotography (by members directly uploading them to the site)

    Total Attachments : 63,451
    Total Attachment Storage : 10.58 GB
    Average Attachment File-size : 172.2 KB
    Total Downloads : 4,418,948 (number of times these images have been viewed and downloaded to a browser for viewing by a member)

    The above does not include the competition entries which are stored separately, and comp entries must be uploaded to the site, not linked in. The competition system has over 19000 photographs stored within it.

    So as you can see we store quite a lot of image data on the site, and are happy to continue to do so. Which method you choose is purely up to your own personal choice.

    Ausphotography runs off a cloud system. The site presently takes up, in total 54GB of space. We have over 100GB of free space under the current server configuration and I can buy more in need (in the future). It has taken 9 years to get from starting out, to this 54GB figure, so we have plenty of space for your photos on the server.
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    What salutary reading! - Both posts.
    CC, Image editing OK.

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    Good one Marthy.
    I'm very close to opening a flickr account just to link photos to AP. Rick's figures show my concern of directly uploading to AP and using up space isn't as big a concern as I thought, but.
    Will do it soon. How I post photos here will be based on how the photos appear here and if I can keep ExIF data attached.
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