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Thread: SAPF - State Annual - 700+ Digital and 400+ Prints

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    SAPF - State Annual - 700+ Digital and 400+ Prints

    I spent yesterday on a 3 person panel judging 700+ images at the South Australian Photographic Federation Annual.
    A day very well spent; this was my first time judging at a major competition.

    There were about 400 prints as well... that was another panel.

    The quality of the top 10-15% of images was stunning but dropped off to club average at the end.
    The AP comp images would do very well; top for top would be very close.

    I would encourage all members to consider entering competitions here and other ones online; even join a local camera club; great way to improve your work.

    The creative section had some brilliant ideas. Lots of room for new concepts.

    SAPF Exhibition
    THURSDAY 21st MAY 2015
    6 – 9PM
    Hamra Centre Gallery

    1 Brooker Tce, Hilton
    Exhibition Open May 19th – 31st 2015
    regards, Kym Gallery Honest & Direct Constructive Critique Appreciated! ©
    Digital & film, Bits of glass covering 10mm to 500mm, and other stuff

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    It seems like you had a great day! Well done. cheers Brian (A thankless task sometimes)
    Cheers Brian.

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