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Thread: Trip up the East Coast

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    Trip up the East Coast

    Taking a trip on A1 part way up the East Coast late May, prolly cut inland from Batemans Bay to Canberra & back down to Melbourne. Any suggestions or recommendations of photo opportunities I should not miss? I see there are a lot of state forests about the Batemans Bay area, anything in there?

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    Which way do you intend to do Canberra to Melb?

    I guess you have a few options, but that time of year the drive south towards Monaro, but then West over the Snowy Mtn Hwy can be nice.

    Stop at the hot springs at Yarongabilly for a photo and or spa .. if you have the time, back track a bit and head back to Kinadra and into Vic via Cabramurra.
    This drive gets you near many parts of the Snowy Hydro hardware .... pondages and to the underground power station at Tumut.
    Can't remember the name of it, but it has restricted opening hours and when I was there last about 15 years ago, we missed it by about 5 mins!

    Canberra-Yass-Albury-Melb is easy .. but boring by comparison!
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    if you get to Canberra in May there should be some good autumn colour still around.
    also around Cooma and the Snowy there will still be some goo colour.
    if you would like, i can show you a few spots i go to around Canberra. just pm me and i wil meet you
    cc and enjoy

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    Well May is Tuna season so if you like activity around water/boats/fisherpersons then call into Bermagui/Narooma and go down to the boat ramp around 4pm. Or any of those fishing ports along that coast is just magic. There are inland lakes with plenty of bird life. It is a beautiful part of the country. cheers Brian
    Cheers Brian.

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