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Thread: My word, how 90 days fly by!!

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    My word, how 90 days fly by!!

    Ive been very busy with work lately and working away from home a lot, consequently I haven't posted much on here of late, let alone been out taking photos.

    Tonight I received my "inactive account" email - Apparently its been 90 days since I posted anything - Wow. How time flys!

    Mental note to self to not leave it so long!


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    I have to jump in on this thread. I broke my wrist 2 months ago in an accident and even before that had rarely gotten out to shoot. It was 99% photos of my daughter and even that was not happening nearly as often as it should. Have just started shooting my macro photography again now that wrist has some movement back and it has been helpful to get some extra strength back in my wrist too which is a bonus.

    So i'm with you Ventureoverland, here is to posting more than once every 90 days!
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