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Thread: Canon lens repair

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    Canon lens repair

    I dropped my 24-105 L lens late last year while climbing over some beachside rocks, and broke the mounting which houses the thread for attaching filters. It still seemed to work OK as a lens.

    I had it repaired (not by Canon, but by a Canon approved facility) which set me back about $400. The cost included cleaning and rechecking the focus. very expensive! Lesson:- Don't drop your lens.


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    Hi Rob. Welcome back, and thanks for the heads up. I think I'm
    WAY OUT IN FRONT, though. - I don't have a Canon lens

    Seriously, though, I can understand what you mean. I only just caught a 400mm lens that parted from its M42 mount
    about a year ago. It's amazing how light my camera suddenly felt. I will say that I did have the lens supported with my other hand
    at the time.

    Now, how about some pics of/with that lens?

    CC, Image editing OK.

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