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Thread: Kodak No. 2-A Folding Autographic Brownie Camera help

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    Kodak No. 2-A Folding Autographic Brownie Camera help

    We inherited an old Kodak No. 2-A camera about 15 years ago from my wife's aunt and we have kept it as a curio. Last week, I was shifting stuff under my mother's house in anticipation of a deluge and, in a really strange twist, I found the original manual from 1915 for the same model camera just sitting on top of a bench. She can't remember anyone ever having such a camera so it is all really weird. Plus I have walked past that bench thousands of times and never seen it before.

    Other than the cover being loose, the manual is in perfect condition. The camera is also pretty serviceable.

    My question to you helpful souls is, "Can you still buy film for this type of camera, and if so where and how do you get it developed"? I thought that it might be fun to be able to use the camera on the odd occasion.

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    According to these specs it took 116 type film.

    You can chase that up. At a pinch, you might be able to make up spools and adapt a roll of 120 film. There are plenty of (well, I saw a couple, anyway)
    of online tutes on how to do so.
    CC, Image editing OK.

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